By having as many people as possible focusing their positive thoughts and intentions on a topic we can create the change we hope for. With our connections through smart phones this now more possible than ever!



 Unified field

Studies into the magnetic frequency of our planet and the energies we emit have led some scientists to believe, Einstein being one of them, that we are all fundamentally connected on an energetic level that our current senses can not perceive.

earth's magnetic field

Positive thinking

Science has evolved to measuring thoughts and has found that positive thoughts are 10x as strong as negative thoughts. Other studies strongly suggest that our thoughts can even effect the environment around us.

water experiment 

Subtle Activism

Oka is a perfect example of subtle activism, where a group of people collectively engages in an activity to bring about social change or healing.  This could be meditation, dance, prayer, or simply thinking positively.

subtle activism

The Maharishi Effect

This is the most famous and widely studied evidence of how Oka could work. In studies where 1% of a population engaged in Transcendental Meditation, there were notable decreases in crime, with the probability of it being a coincidence inconceivably small.

Can group meditation bring world peace?

Science of the Maharishi Effect 

“we actually have a technology of peace. We can create peace in the world. Its just a matter of support to bring groups together sufficiently large enough to create this influence on the whole human race.”
— Craig Pearson, Vice President Maharishi University of Management