Refugees of Myanmar

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There are so many reeling from persecution, natural disasters, and war that it can be difficult to remain positive.  However if we focus our intentions together as one at the same time change, will occur. 

Today we focus on the civilians begin affected by the conflict between the Myanmar military and the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).  The Rohingya are a Muslim minority living amongst a Buddhist majority in the Rakhine state of Southwestern Myanmar.  They have been persecuted since the 1970’s, however in the past year the hate towards these people has ramped up.  

It seems that the Myanmar Army is at war with the ARSA, however it is the civilians who have suffered the most.  Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled to the western bordering country of Bangladesh, in an attempt to escape the mass murders perpetuated by the Myanmar Army and police.  In what has been called exaggerations by the government, reports of villages being burned, gang rapes, murders, and torture have all been confirmed.  The increase in persecution is in response to the October 2016 border clash between the Myanmar military and ARSA, where the killing of nine border police and the injury of many others took place, the blamed culprit being the Rohingya.  All of this has caused 400,000 refugees to flee into Bangladesh in the past year causing a severe crisis.  Reports have surfaced that it is not only the Rohingya people who are being affected by this catastrophe.  As many as 30,000 Hindu and Buddhist civilians have had to flee the violence due to Rohingya militants.

No matter the military conflict, it is the civilians who are suffering the most, those who have been used as a pawn in the fight between two militias, with both sides being guilty of attacking the innocent.

So today we focus our intentions towards the end of this conflict so that the ones truly being affected can live in peace.  And the ones responsible can find peace within themselves so as not to give into evil. 

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Stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline with Love

         It seems we are experiencing a pinnacle moment in human history and evolution. What has been going on in North Dakota with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is beginning to look like a war of ideology and consciousness. On one side we have negative energy (weapons, hateful words, and an overall attitude of unkindness towards our fellow beings) and the other positive (peaceful water protectors seeking to protect land that is supposed to be protected by the 1851 Treaty of Ft. Laramie. This battle has and always will go on as light and dark, positive and negative, love and hate is the duality of existence. However every now and then we reach a time of great shift in the power of those energies. It is almost like a volcano bubbling under the surface until the pressure builds enough to break through the surface and change the surroundings. Having said that take a look around the world in which we live and try to find this example in other facets of society. Not only as a nation but as a civilization we seem to be divided right down the middle between our heads and our hearts, between logic and emotion. The best way to move forward is to seek the balance of the two. Listen to the heart and analyze through the mind.

          Last night a great step forward in the protection of our water took hold. As I approached the gathering of several hundred people in the chilly Portland air on a day where rain was the most noticeable of features, however cleared up in time for this event, I got a feeling of love emanating from the crowd. Anger and frustration of course were in the minds of everyone, but that anger and frustration was being channeled properly through the eyes of light. Signs of “Please Stop Dakota Access Pipeline”, “Standing with Standing Rock”, “Climate Justice” and sunflower painted umbrellas filled the space above the crowd's heads while the American flag fluttered gently in the wind creating a strange embodiment of our nation in my mind. The loud speaker was being passed around to individuals to give their perspective on such events. A woman spoke of the importance that woman bring to the movement and how they are the original protectors of the water. The sounds of chants sprang up here and there to remind us all of the truth behind the movement “Keep it in the soil, We can't drink oil”, “Protect our water, Protect our water”. For months now events around the world in support of Standing Rock have taken place, however for the first time those gatherings all took place on the same day, November 15th, 2016 with the national No DAPL Day of Action. More than 200 protests at Army Corps of Engineers offices were held around the country. This only increases the awareness and impact of the message. One of the group leaders discussed how if only a prayer is all that you can offer in support, than pray because those intentions can impact the situation as the energy one puts out is the energy one receives back (exactly what drives Oka). Another organizer, John Sanchez of the Carrizo/Comecrudo is gathering 1000 people together to arrive in Standing Rock and be led to the camps where so many have made home by a Chief to deliver donations and supplies. His goal is to gather one million $5 donations contributed by people in all 50 states and countries around the world. The essence of this movement, gathering people on a mass scale all around the world in order to have a direct impact on a situation, is what Oka is built upon.